Civil Ligitation

Many types of litigation can be avoided by consulting qualified legal counsel before conflicts arise.  Whether drafting an employment contract, drafting an operating agreement, or reviewing agreements before you enter them, Davis Law PLLC can decrease the likelihood of litigation for you or your business.

Sometimes, however, conflicts arise, and those conflicts need to be resolved through litigation.  Davis Law PLLC has experience across a broad spectrum of litigation, in both state and federal courts.  Whether you, or your business, are involved in commercial litigation, a dispute about a contract or its terms, or a dispute about payment, Davis Law PLLC stands ready to help navigate the litigation process.

We welcome all kinds of civil litigation.  We have the experience and resources to handle many types of civil litigation, whether on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants.  We believe in defining mutual goals, and then aggressively pursuing those goals, to obtain favorable results for firm clients.

Our firm also has experience successfully prosecuting claims on behalf of plaintiffs in a wide variety of contexts, from helping businesses recoup money owed, to representing business in trade secret, employment, or contract disputes, to helping plaintiffs injured in accidents or on dangerous premises.  Davis Law PLLC possesses broad civil litigation experience, and stands ready to put that experience to work for you.  We prepare to take every case to trial.  Often, trial is not necessary, but in the event it is, we stand ready to aggressively advocate on behalf of firm clients in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina.