Insurance Coverage

Sometimes disputes arise between business and individuals, on one side, and insurance companies, on the other side, about whether a particular loss is covered.  Davis Law PLLC has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals, and also insurers, in insurance coverage disputes.

Davis Law PLLC's experience includes insured individuals and companies in disputes with insurance companies, in both the first-party and third-party context.  We have successfully prosecuted claims seeking coverage under many types of insurance policies, and can help you or your business in a dispute with your insurance company.

Davis Law PLLC also has experience representing insurers, and insurance agents, from allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, suppression, breach of contract, bad faith, and other areas.  We have experience actively litigating insurance coverage disputes, including intervening on behalf of insurers in pending cases, or prosecuting declaratory judgment actions on behalf of insurers.